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Chipotle Project

What Is It?


As frequents to the local Chipotle restaurant, our IE 577 group pondered a solution to speed up orders at the Ames location.

Our Study

To fully understand what was slowing down the order process, we all met at the Ames Chipotle. With the permission of the manager, we sat and took detailed note of each order coming through in-person and through their online order system. Our findings were quite interesting with the average wait time around 2 and a half minutes. How could we boost the process and get a lower wait time through human factors?


The Solution

To speed up Chipotle's order processes, we came up with 2 solutions.

Solution 1: LED Lighting

By lighting up each ingredient required in that specific online order, it was inferenced that order fulfillment would be much quicker, since a lot of the time wasted was spent re-reading the customer's receipt.


Solution 2: Color

Similar to LED lighting, we would use color instead to highlight the ingredients on the receipt. This does increase costs with colored printing, but we believe that the cost would offset with the amount of orders that could be fulfilled with the solution.


Full Study

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