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Application Pitch

A few questions we asked ourselves as a group was:

  • "How do we get events to be more inclusive?"

  • "What can convince people to request music when there is a DJ?"

  • "How can we differentiate ourselves from similar applications?"

After asking these questions, we were able to come up with our answer, JukeBoxer. 

JukeBoxer is an easy-to-use song request platform for DJs and musical artists. Simply create a session on your device, share your special 6-digit code with your attendees, and watch the requests flow in. At JukeBoxer we understand the frustration of bad music making a bad night, however, we’re giving the people the power! It is now easier than ever to get your song requests in from wherever you find yourself in the club, bar, or the party.

Interactive Demonstration

To better explain our pitch, this Balsamiq wireframed demonstration was created. Feel free to click around and explore the ideas and functions we envisioned for this application.

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