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Hi there! I'm Quinn.


During my time at Iowa State University, as an undergraduate in Management Information Systems, I have had the opportunity to work both individually and with groups of other business students to show competency in Python, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, Interactive Design, and Project Management.

Most recently, I'm mid-way through pursuing a Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction, with additional corresponding work shown below. Most of my coursework has involved Prototyping (Figma, Balsamiq), User Studies, Design for Behavior Change, C, C++, OpenCV, MATLAB, Quantitative Research Methods, and Ethnographic Studies.

Feel free to navigate to the home screen of this website and check out my mobile DJ business!

Psychology in HCI

Training Using Virtual Reality in Business


In HCI/PSYCH 521, several elements of psychology and human factors were combined to research what makes transferring training knowledge from virtual reality to the real world more efficient and effective in business.

Emerging Topics in HCI

Sock Teck

This group project for HCI 596 was a passionate and in-depth look into the design techniques behind a system of our choice, which happened to be a sock for patients diagnosed with diabetes.

Ethnography in HCI

Music and Social Interaction


With a background in DJing, I had the privilege of building a study for HCI 590: What makes music such an imperative part of social gatherings in a nightclub setting.

Human Factors

Chipotle Project

After some research at the local Ames Chipotle, my IE 577 group wrote about and presented our findings as to how we think the order placing and creation process can improve with the help of human factors knowledge.

Web Design

515 Therapy and Consulting


Over the past several years, I have built, designed, and managed the website for 515 Therapy and Consulting in West Des Moines, Iowa. The website provides information about the plethora of services offered, as well as it's clinicians, and much more.



Winning first place in the class for presentation in MIS 407, Startender is an application written in Python with heavy reliance on the Django web framework to provide a system for bar owners and customers to interact and make sales.



Assigned with a capstone project of proposing an idea and bringing it to life with wireframing in Balsamiq, this MIS 310 group crushed the class requirements by drafting a functional front-end design of an application for DJs and the entertainment industry.

Database Management

GPS&D SQL Database

Business rules, ER diagrams, and relational schemas kicked things off for our MIS 310 group project, leading us to developing a full fledged SQL database to place orders, manage employees, and keep track of customers.

(Not associated with The Great Plains Sauce & Dough Company in Ames, Iowa)

Due to the academic privacy of the project, please contact to access.
Project Management & Agile Methodologies

Say It Ain't Snow

From identifying our target audience, to putting ourselves in the shoes of the user with user stories, this group worked diligently all semester to create a solution to a problem effectively and creatively, while closely following agile project management standards.

Due to the academic privacy of the project, please contact to access.
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